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Viewing results for the 2009 season...

Mixed U7 team page

Manager:Mike Chadwick, Peter Hanson, Tim Regan
Maximum age *:   7
Fixtures & results:Click here for full-time results
* - maximum age on 1st of September of the current playing year.

Mixed U7 squad

NamePositionPlayedScoredClean sheetsPotMCaptainYellow cardsRed cards
Alfred H    23 (:23)0 12  
Andrew H    27 (:27)13 13  
Archie B    20 (:20)1 24  
Ben S    16 (:16)0 12  
Charlie A    10 (:10)0     
Emma D    27 (:27)2 22  
George B    27 (:27)24 22  
Harvey E    10 (:10)1 12  
Henry William M    25 (:25)19 22  
Jack P    17 (:16)10 3   
Jacob S  Midfield  14 (:14)11 11  
Joshua C    22 (:22)2 12  
Luke C    27 (:27)0 13  
Mohamed D    17 (:17)9 22  
Nathan M    25 (:25)1 11  
Oscar L    17 (:17)0 2   
Ryan B    21 (:21)0 12  
Ryan M    22 (:22)47 12  
Solomon H    15 (:15)2 12  
Thomas H    20 (:20)3 13  
For Played, F=Full match, P=Part match, S=Substitute
PotM = Player of the Match

Recent results:

EborsTadcaster Magnets10am 25/04/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-0View
VikingsTadcaster Magnets10am 25/04/10Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss3-5View
EborsTadcaster Magnets9:30am 25/04/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin5-0View
VikingsTadcaster Magnets9:30am 25/04/10Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss0-7View
EborsRufforth United11am 11/04/10AwayLoss1-3View
VikingsRufforth United11am 11/04/10AwayLoss1-2View
EborsRufforth United10:30am 11/04/10Rufforth UnitedWin5-1View
VikingsRufforth United10:30am 11/04/10AwayLoss0-1View
EborsWigginton Grasshoppers10am 21/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-0View
VikingsWigginton Grasshoppers10am 21/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-0View
EborsWigginton Grasshoppers9:30am 21/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-0View
VikingsWigginton Grasshoppers9:30am 21/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-0View
EborsDunnington10am 14/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-0View
VikingsDunnington10am 14/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw4-4View
EborsDunnington9:30am 14/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw2-2View
VikingsDunnington9:30am 14/03/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-0View
EborsStamford Bridge11:30am 07/03/10AwayLoss2-3View
VikingsStamford Bridge11:30am 07/03/10AwayLoss2-3View
EborsStamford Bridge11am 07/03/10AwayLoss1-5View
VikingsStamford Bridge11am 07/03/10AwayWin3-0View
EborsStrensall Tigers11:30am 28/02/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin1-0View
VikingsStrensall Tigers11:30am 28/02/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-1View
VikingsEasingwold11:30am 07/02/10AwayLoss0-10View
EborsEasingwold11am 07/02/10AwayDraw1-1View
EborsBishopthorpe10am 24/01/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin5-1View
VikingsBishopthorpe10am 24/01/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-1View
EborsBishopthorpe9:30am 24/01/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin9-0View
VikingsBishopthorpe9:30am 24/01/10Lord Deramore's SchoolWin1-0View
EborsHamliton Panthers11am 22/11/09AwayLoss0-4View
VikingsHamilton Panthers11am 22/11/09AwayWin2-1View
EborsHamilton Panthers10:30am 22/11/09AwayWin5-1View
VikingsHamilton Panthers10:30am 22/11/09AwayDraw2-2View
EborsHeworth (friendly)11:30am 15/11/09AwayWin3-1View
VikingsHeworth (friendly)11:30am 15/11/09AwayLoss0-6View
EborsHeworth (friendly)11am 15/11/09AwayWin5-0View
VikingsHeworth (friendly)11am 15/11/09AwayLoss1-5View
EborsYork RI9:30am 01/11/09Lord Deramore's SchoolWin8-0View
VikingsYork RI9:30am 01/11/09Lord Deramore's SchoolWin9-0View
EborsRufforth United10am 18/10/09Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-1View
VikingsRufforth United10am 18/10/09Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-1View
EborsRufforth United9:30am 18/10/09Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-1View
VikingsRufforth United9:30am 18/10/09Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-2View
EborsRawcliffe10am 04/10/09RawcliffeDraw1-1View
VikingsRawcliffe10am 04/10/09RawcliffeLoss1-3View
EborsRawcliffe9:30am 04/10/09RawcliffeLoss1-2View
VikingsRawcliffe9:30am 04/10/09RawcliffeLoss2-3View
EborsHaxby Town (friendly)10am 20/09/09Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-0View
VikingsHaxby Town (friendly)10am 20/09/09Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss0-6View
EborsHaxby Town (friendly)9:30am 20/09/09Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss0-8View
VikingsHaxby Town (friendly)9:30am 20/09/09Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss0-6View
EborsCopmanthorpe10am 13/09/09Askam BryanWin6-1View
VikingsCopmanthorpe10am 13/09/09Askam BryanWin6-2View
EborsCopmanthorpe9:30am 13/09/09Askam BryanWin14-0View
VikingsCopmanthorpe9:30am 13/09/09Askam BryanWin1-0View


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